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Magic Bean

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The Magic bean Greeting from is the New Generation of Greetings!

Instead of cluttering a drawer as traditional greeting cards usually do, The Magic bean Greeting beautifies and reminds the receiver daily of how special they are.
This unique gift idea is designed and guaranteed to surprise, excite, and amaze!
Magic bean Greeting is the gift to be remembered for years to come, as it will certainly become as recognizable as the traditional greeting card.
The Magic bean Greeting is a rare breed of bean. In each can, one bean is pre-planted in a special mineral soil. After watering; the bean grows up to a height of 10-20 inches or 25-30 cm. The message or greeting anticipated by the receiver will be found engraved on the beautiful plant's central bean.
The Magic bean Greeting is all-natural and may be kept as a keepsake or actually grown. The bean engraving and coloration process are non-toxic.

Overwatering may cause the bean to rot.
The Magic Bean Greeting in a Can:
•Recommended temperature 60F- 95F (16C-35C).
•Open the drainage tab at the bottom of the can.
•Open the tab at the top of the can.
•Water The Nature's Greeting when soil is dry
•Allow light- 50%
•Estimated germination is 3-10 days and to reveal personal message.

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