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Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller


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Product Description

Remember me! Jinx Girl Power Fortune Teller - for those girls who like to know what’s around the corner! Designed in true girly style, Jinx will have you telling fortunes and predicting futures for your friends and the boys!

We all remember these from school but who can remember how to make them? This set does it for you, no scissors or glue required and there are a selection of reusable stickers and a dry wipe pen included to decorate your Jinx. Based on the traditional Origami version, Jinx encourages development of numeracy, spelling and imagination.

Find out your future!

Jinx, your playground friend, is a re-useable fortune teller that can be used to shock and surprise friends and family. Jinx is a new design on a traditional origami toy that boys and girls have enjoyed playing with for many years. Not only is it great fun, but it's also educational, developing imagination, spelling and numeracy skills. Prepared and ready to use, the Jinx requires no folding, cutting or gluing and comes complete with stickers and a dry wipe pen so you can write your own messages.


    • 1 x Jinx Girl Power Fortune Teller

    • 3 x Reusable Sticker Sets

    • 1 x Dry Wipe Pen


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